The Valuation Report is a brief report which provides an opinion of market value for a variety of purposes, including purchase, sale, mortgage, part-exchange, taxation, compensation for compulsory purchase, asset management, rental valuation, financial reporting and property consultancy advice for . The report is prepared according to a specific instruction for a client and has international recognizance.

Dealing with the complexities in modern rent review and lease renewal arrangements for residential, commercial and retail premises in accordance with Landlord and Tenant Act

Acting as expert witness in property related disputes in the Courts and Tribunals. For example disputes as to rent review, option to purchase, the value of matrimonial property, service charges, taxation on property etc.

Assess and advise on Compulsory Purchase Compensation. Where government compulsorily acquires private properties statutorily. Handle difficult questions such as assessing the compensation of 'disturbance', injurious affection following compulsory dispossession.

We provide advice on all rating(Municipal Tax) matters to ensure that taxpayers are paying the correct level of rates(Municipal tax) and, if appropriate, submit an Appeal, and negotiate with Valuation Officers for reductions in rating assessment, assessment of values for tax purposes; appeals before Tribunals.

If the property is taken in the name of a trust or company it will need regular revaluations throughout the period of ownership. When it is later disposed of, another formal valuation might be required, especially if the transaction is not at arms length.

All the lender needs is a valuation of the property, so they are comfortable that they are not lending you more than the property is worth. Although you may be paying for it, this valuation is carried out for the benefit of the lender only. When people need to borrow money NPJ Chartered Surveyors can provide the bank with the recognized valuation.

Companies and businesses very often need an up to date assessment as to the value of their property assets. NPJ can provide the necessary report according to IFRS and IVS.

NPJ regularly undertakes valuations for Matrimonial Proceedings for subdivision of property among heirs and in case of divorce.

One of the specialization is provide valuation and eventually negotiate Registrar General`s representatives for lower tax to be imposed on disposal and acquisition of immovable property.

We provide development appraisals and advice to property developers. It advises developers on choice of location, assesses demand, provide information on lands available for development, planning issues, EIA issues, letting and management of completed buildings.

NPJ also conducts market survey and research for those in need of relevant information on the local property market. It also provides Corporate Real Estate Advice consultancies to companies and businesses wanting to expand and in need of larger spaces.


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